Acacia paradoxa (syn A. armata )



Australian native
Acacia paradoxa
(syn A. armata ); common name hedge wattle, is a large shrub  2 to 4 metres tall and has a similar width, it has ribbed branchlets that are often arched downward. The leaves are enlarged petioles known as phyllodes. They are crinkly and the new ones are covered in hairs. The erect phyllodes are asymettric and have a lanceolate shape and are around 3.0cm in length and 7 mm wide. It usually flowers between August and November producing an axillary flower-spike with small, bright yellow spherical flower heads and the fruits are brown pods 4 to 7 cm long. The hard black seeds within have an oblong shape and are about 6 mm in length and half as wide. The spiny stipules that grow at the base of the phyllodes deter livestock from feeding on the plant.

7.00, 7.01 & 7.02 Location D11 Latitude:-38.4024850000000  Longitude: 146.055882000000  There are three specimens at this location

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