Allocasuarina littoralis



Allocasuarina littoralis, commonly known as black she-oak or river black-oak, is an medium-sized Australian tree (usually up to 8 metres, but sometimes to 15 metres - coarse shrub in exposed maritime areas). This evergreen casaurina tree is noted for its modified branchlets - the 'needles' 5–8 cm long and narrow ~ 4 mm, with the true leaves rarely larger than 1mm  occurring on the tips of the modified branchlets.

Significance to the Ganai community.

The black she-oak is found in coastal woodlands and scrub and health lands. The timber was used for making shields, boomerangs and other implements. Black she-oak cones are not eaten due to their astringency.

24.00 Location D11 Latitude:  -38.4024070000000  Longitude: 146.056271000000

24.01 Location D11 Latitude:  -38.4022980000000  Longitude: 146.056140000000

24.02 Location D11 Latitude:  -38.4024770000000  Longitude: 146.055982000000

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