Araucaria cunninghamii



Araucaria cunninghamii is commonly known as hoop pine. The trees can live up to 450 years and grow to a height of 60 metres. The bark is rough, splits naturally, and peels easily. The leaves on young trees are awl-shaped, 1–2 cm long, about 2 mm thick at the base, and scale-like, incurved, 1–2 cm long and 4 mm broad on mature trees. The cones are ovoid, 8–10 cm long and 6–8 cm diameter, and take about 18 months to mature. They disintegrate at maturity to release the nut-like edible seeds. This tree donated by Ilsa Ardnt.

173.00 Location C4 Latitude: -38.4022560000000   Longitude:  146.051940000000

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