Betula Pendula 'Moss White'



Betula Pendula 'Moss White' is a very hardy quick growing tree to 10 metres, small green leaves turning yellow in Autumn. The bark turns silvery white with age. Unlike the common silver birch this form has strong erect branches - not a pendulous habit and a formal symmetrical shape. This variety is grown for the very white bark. Planted in 1988, some moved shortly after planting.

32.00 Location E5 Latitude;  -38.402886000000   Longitude-  146.052873000000
32.01 Location E5 Latitude;  -38.402848000000   Longitude- 146.052784000000
32.02 Location E5 Latitude;  -38.402810000000   Longitude- 146.052843000000
32.03 Location D5 Latitude;  -38.402766000000   Longitude- 146.052768000000
32.04 Location C4/C5 Latitude;  -38.401942000000  Longitude- 146.052696000000

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