Callistemon 'Hannah's Child'



Callistemon 'Hannah's Child' is believed to be a hybrid between Callistemon 'Hannah Ray' and Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'.Shrub 1.5 x 4m high. Produces scarlet flowers (9 to 12cm x 6 to 8 cm) from March to may and again in October/November. Young specimens are similar to Callistemon 'Hannah Ray', mature specimens are more like Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'. Its main distinguishing feature is its ability to flower at a much earlier age than either parent, and is very floriferous. New growth is pale yellow/green and covered with silky hairs. Mature leaves become glaucous. Planted in the South Gippsland Landcare 'Million trees for South Gippsland' project launch garden. Planted in 2009 in a group of three.

36.00 Location A5 Latitude; -38.401238000000   Longitude; 146.052707000000

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