Correa alba



Correa alba common name, white correa, is a prostrate to spreading shrub that typically grows to a height of 1.5 m and has rust-coloured, woolly-hairy young stems. The leaves are leathery, elliptic to round, 8–35 mm long and 6–25 mm wide on a petiole 0.5–1.5 mm long. The lower side of the leaves is densely covered with woolly hairs. The flowers are arranged singly or in groups of up to five on the ends of short side branches on pedicels 0.5–5 mm long. The calyx is cup-shaped or hemispherical and 2–4 mm long with four lobes. The petals are white, rarely pale pink, 11–13 mm long, woolly/hairy on the back and spreading more or less free from each other. The eight stamens are shorter than the petals. Flowering mainly occurs from April to June and the fruit is 5–7 mm long and green. The foliage of this plant was used by early settlers as a substitute for tea.

162.00 Location D11 Latitude;  -38.402571000000  Longitude; 146.056107000000

162.01 Location A5   Latitude;  -38.401280000000  Longitude; 146.052902000000

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