Clematis aristata



Clematis aristata, known as Australian clematis, wild clematis, goat's beard or old man's beard, is a climbing shrub of the family Ranunculaceae. In spring to early summer it produces mass displays of attractive star-shaped flowers usually borne in short panicles with each flower up
to 70 mm diameter and possessing four narrow white or cream tepals. Fertile male and female reproductive structures occur in flowers of separate plants. Each seed head on female plants consists of multiple achenes with each seed bearing a plumose awn 2–4.5 cm long promoting dispersal by wind. The mature leaves are most commonly ternate with leaflets up to 80 mm long and petioles that are able to twine around objects to provide climbing support. Juvenile leaves are simple, usually purplish-tinged with whitish streaks along the main veins.

169.00 Location C10 Latitude;  -38.402286000000  Longitude; 146.055459000000.
Specimens are also in the riverbank plantings.

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