Dicksonia antarctica



Dicksonia antarctica, common name smooth tree fern, can grow to 15 m in height, but more typically grow to about 4.5–5 m, and consist of an erect rhizome forming a trunk. The large, dark green, roughly-textured fronds spread in a canopy of 2–6 m in diameter. The fronds are borne in flushes, with fertile and sterile fronds often in alternating layers. The "trunk" of this fern is merely the decaying remains of earlier growth of the plant and forms a medium through which the roots
grow. The trunk is usually solitary, without runners, but may produce offsets. As tree ferns are  true ferns they do not produce flowers or seeds as they reproduce from spores that form on the underside of their fronds.

Significance to the Ganai community.

Soft tree fern is known as GARAG. The top 50cm of the trunk was split with an axe to obtain the pith, which was eaten raw or cooked on hot stones, along with the shoots.

56.00 Location F7 in a group of five. Latitude; -38.403245000000   Longitude; 146.053765000000

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