Dianella revoluta



Dianella revoluta, common names blueberry lily, blue flax-lily,or black-anther flax-lily, a species of flowering plant endemic to, and widespread in Australia. It is a tufted, perennial herb with grass-like leaves and up to nine blue or violet flowers with six petals and sepals, and stamens with bright yellow filaments and pale brown to almost black anthers. There are a number of Dianella revoluta planted around the park, most in the area north east of the last car park on the Mossvale Park Road, near the Knockwook Estate gate.

Significance to the Ganai community.

This flax-lily is fond in open forests. Gunai people may have eaten the berries when ripe. The leaves were split and twisted into strong string.

197.00 Location A6/A7 Latitude; -38.401343000000 Longitude;146.053486000000

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