Grevillea robusta



Grevillea robusta, common name silky oak, is a flowering plant in the family Proteaceae. It is a tree, the largest species in its genus. Grevillea robusta is a fast-growing evergreen tree with a single main trunk, growing to 5–40 m. The bark is dark grey and furrowed. Its leaves are fern-like, 10–34 cm long, 9–15 cm wide and divided with between 11 and 31 main lobes. Each lobe is sometimes further divided into as many as four, each one linear to narrow triangular in shape. It loses many of its leaves just before flowering. The flowers are arranged in one-sided, "toothbrush"-like groups, sometimes branched, 12–15 cm (5–6 in) long. The carpel (the female part) of each flower has a stalk 21–28 mm (0.8–1 in) long. The flowers are glabrous and mostly yellowish orange, or sometimes reddish. Flowering occurs from September to November and the fruit that follows is a glabrous follicle.

76.00 Location B6 Latitude; -38.401794260000   Longitude; 146.053126240000

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