Leptospermum continentale



Leptospermum continentale, common name prickly tea-tree, is a species of slender, straggling shrub that is endemic to south-eastern Australia. It has sharp-pointed, narrowly egg-shaped leaves, white flowers arranged singly in leaf axils and woody fruit that remains on the plant when mature.This plant is endemic to South Gippsland but heathlands rather than forested areas. Has been added to the river plantings.

Significance to the Ganai community.

Prickly tea tree is known as KARIK and a decoction of leaves was used for treating chest and breathing disorders. A bathing treatment for scabies was made with the same decoction when the water turned yellow.

212.00 Location C2 Latitude;  -38.402116000000  Longitude; 146.050892000000

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