Kunzea sp



Four Victorian species, Kunzea leptospermoides, K. peduncularis, K. sp. (Scrubby form) and K. sp. (Upright form) were previously all included in K. ericoides (A.Rich.) Joy Thomps. Kunzea ericoides is now thought to be endemic to New Zealand. The distinction between these four Victorian taxa is often slight at best, and clear patterns between them are often blurred by the apparent widespread hybridisation in this complex. Inspection of bark and a sound knowledge of the range of variation seen in species is often required for identification. A full treatment of this species complex is still to be completed.

I therefore have no idea what we have out of K sp (scrubby form) or K sp (upright form) , except that its common name is Burgan.

214.00 Location Many specimens form part of the Tarwin River bank restoration plantings by the West Gippsland CMA in 2009/11

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