Lomandra longifolia



Lomandra longifolia, common name Spiny-head Mat-rush or Basket Grass, is a member of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family, L. longifolia is a perennial, rhizomatous herb. Leaves are glossy green, shiny, firm, flat. They can grow from 40cm up to 1m long and 8-12mm wide and are usually taller than the flowering stem. Leaf bases are broad with yellow, orange or brownish margins and the tips of the leaves are prominently toothed. The inflorescence is usually a panicle of clusters of sessile flowers. Each cluster has a sharp, slender, straw-colored bract at its base, which gives it a dense spike-like structure. The inflorescence is usually about half the leaf length (500mm) and individual flowers are about 4mm long. Flowers of L. longifolia are scented and dioecious, with the female flower often a little bit longer or larger than the male flower. The heavy-smelling nectar on flowers can attract pollinating beetles. Flowering in warm temperature (late winter/early spring), fruiting occurs 1-2 months after flowering.

Significance to the Ganai community.
The tender white bases of the leave were chewed for food with the flowers also being eaten. Flowers were soaked in water to make a drink. The drink was used medicinally to treat diabetes. The leaves were woven into baskets and dilly bags.

215.00 Location Many specimens form part of the Tarwin River bank restoration plantings by the West Gippsland CMA in 2009/11

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