Malus domestica ‘Northern Spy’



Malus domestica ‘Northern Spy’ is a cultivar of domesticated apple that originated on the farm of Oliver Chapin in East Bloomfield, New York in about 1840. Northern Spy produces fairly late in the season (late October and beyond). Skin color is a green ground, flushed with red stripes where not shaded. The white flesh is juicy, crisp and mildly sweet with a rich, aromatic sub-acid flavor, noted for high vitamin C content. Its characteristic flavor is tarter than most popular varieties, and its flesh is harder/crunchier than most, with a thin skin.

The apple trees in the Park have been planted to honour the association between Francis Moss and fruit tree production. It has been noted that the Leongatha nursery on the banks of the Ruby Creek, produced 120,000 apple trees, mainly Northern Spy for sale each season. (Leongatha Sun 21 January 1903)

84.00 Location C10 Latitude; -38.402330792078 Longitude; 146.055366245594

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