Atherosperma moschatum



Atherosperma moschatum, common name southern sassafras, is an evergreen tree native to the cool temperate rainforests of south eastern Australia. It is common in the rainforests of Tasmania and Victoria, but more scattered and rare in the higher altitudes of eastern New South Wales. The southern sassafras is a small to medium-sized tree, growing around 6 to 25 m tall. It has a conical
shape, pale green leaves and fragrant scent. The bark is grey to light brown, with numerous lenticels, raised bumps and ridges. The leaves are 3 to 10 cm long and 8 to 25 mm wide, margins are coarsely toothed. Leaves, twigs, and flowers are fragrant, of a pleasant nutmeg scent. Flowers form in winter, facing down to avoid rain and snow. They are white petalled, and yellow (and sometimes maroon) in the centre. The fruit capsules mature and open around January, releasing feathery wind blown seeds. Germination is unreliable. However, abundant new seedlings may
unexpectedly form. Our specimen was planted in 2020. Picture is showing silt deposits on the leaves after the 2021 flood.

225.00 Location D2 Latitude; -38.402458000000 Longitude; 146.051133000000

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