Nothofagus cunninghamii syn Lophozonia cunninghamii



Nothofagus cunninghamii syn Lophozonia cunninghamii, common name myrtle or southern beech, is a rainforest tree which is a major component of cool, temperate rainforests in Tasmania and in southern Victoria (eg. Otway Ranges and the Strezelecki Ranges). The species varies from a small, stunted shrub at high altitudes, in exposed situations, to a large tree in sheltered valleys, often reaching 50 metres. The leaves are small, 7-15mm long by about the same in width, rhomboid in shape and dark green. The new shoots and leaves are reddish- bronze and most attractive. The flowers are unisexual and inconspicuous.

95.00 Location D2 Latitude; -38.402428000000 Longitude; 146.051189000000

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