Oleria lirata



Oleria lirata, common name snow daisy bush, is a shrub to c. 4 m high; branchlets and leaf undersurfaces greyish-white with fine, dense, stellate hairs. Leaves alternate, petiolate, lanceolate 30–150 mm long; 5–35 mm wide; upper surface green, finally glabrous and sub-lustrous, often with scattered stellate hairs when young; venation usually distinctly impressed; margin entire or obscurely sinuate or dentate. Capitula 12–25 mm diam., in loose terminal panicles or corymbs; peduncles mostly 5–12 mm long; involucre c. hemispherical, 3.5–4.5 mm long; bracts 3–4-seriate, graduating, all or the outer ones densely pubescent, ciliate toward apex. Ray florets 10–16, white, 4–8 mm long; disc florets 9–14, cream to yellow. Cypsela flattened-obovoid,6-ribbed, 1.5–2 mm long, sparsely sericeous; pappus bristles 3.5–4.5 mm long Flowers Aug.–Jan. https://vicflora.rbg.vic.gov.a...

226.00 Location Many specimens form part of the Tarwin River bank restoration plantings by the West Gippsland CMA in 2009/11

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