Olearia phlogopappa



Olearia phlogopappa, common name dusty or alpine daisy-bush is a shrub which grows c 1-3 m x 1-2 m. Leaves are thin, dull grey-green narrowly egg-shaped leaves with blunt tip, toothed margins, finely wrinkled above from depressed network of veins, 25-80 mm x 5-18 mm.
Flowers are white with yellow centres, and flowering time is from September to January. Flowers are large bunches of daisy flower heads to 25 mm across, at or near the ends of branches.

Similar to Olearia lirata which can be distinguished by longer leaves with a pointed tip and smooth upper surface, with only the mid-vein depressed; 10-16 rays per floret. Pink, magenta and blue forms are also available commercially.

183.00 Location D11 Latitude; -38.402555000000 Longitude; 146.056098000000

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