Pinus pinea



Pinus pinea, common name, stone pine, umbrella pine and parasol pine is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a coniferous evergreen tree that can exceed 25 metres in height, but 12–20 m is more typical. In youth, it is a bushy globe, in mid-age an umbrella canopy on a thick trunk, and, in maturity, a broad and flat crown over 8 m wide. The bark is thick, red-brown and deeply fissured into broad vertical plates. The flexible mid-green leaves are needle-like, in bundles of two, and are 10–20 cm long. Young trees up to 5–10 years old bear juvenile leaves, which are very different, single (not paired), 2–4 cm long, glaucous blue-green; the adult leaves appear mixed with juvenile leaves from the fourth or fifth year on, replacing it fully by around
the tenth year. Juvenile leaves are also produced in regrowth following injury, such as a broken shoot, on older trees. The cones are broad, ovoid, 8–15 cm long, and take 36 months to mature, longer than any other pine. The seeds (pine nuts) are large, 2 cm long, and pale brown with a powdery black coating that rubs off easily, and have a rudimentary 4–8 mm wing that falls off very easily. The wing is ineffective for wind dispersal, and the seeds are animal-dispersed, originally mainly by the Iberian magpie, but in recent history largely by humans. Our specimen was planted in 2011.

5.00 Location C3 Latitude; -38.402274338835  Longitude;146.051800668752

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