Pinus thunbergii



Pinus thunbergii, common name, black pine, Japanese black pine and Japanese pine, is a pine tree native to coastal areas of Japan (Kyūshū, Shikoku and Honshū) and South Korea. It is called gomsol (곰솔) in Korean, hēisōng (黑松) in Chinese, and kuromatsu (黒松) in Japanese.Black pines can reach the height of 40 m, but rarely achieves this size outside its natural range. The needles are in fascicles of two with a white sheath at the base, 7–12 cm long; female cones are

4–7 cm in length, scaled, with small points on the tips of the scales, taking two years to mature. Male cones are 1–2 cm long borne in clumps of 12-20 on the tips of the spring growth. Bark is gray on young trees and small branches, changing to black and plated on larger branches and
the trunk; becoming quite thick on older trunks.Our specimen was planted in 1992 by A Ashendon and J Dowling

107.00 Location B3 Latitude; -38.401457940000 Longitude;146.051503780000

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