Platanus orientalis



Platanus orientalis, common name, Oriental plane, is a large, deciduous tree of the Platanaceae family, growing to 30 m  or more, and known for its longevity and spreading crown. In Autumn its deep green leaves may change to blood red, amber, and yellow. The species' name means 'eastern'. (In comparison, the 'western' plane (or American sycamore) is named Platanus occidentalis). The eastern plane's original distribution was eastward from the Balkans. The tree was called platane in ancient Greek history and literature and by related names in continental Europe. Equally well known in Asia and from Anatolia to Kashmir and usually called chinar or chenar. In the Kashmir Valley region, the native Kashmiri word for the tree is būñü. The native range is Eurasia from the Balkans to at least as far east as Iran. Some accounts extend its native range to Iberia in the west, and to the Himalayas in the east. As it has been known in cultivation from early times in much of this region it can be difficult to determine if it is truly indigenous in peripheral areas. The oriental plane is found naturally in riverine settings. However, it is quite capable of survival and success in dry soils once it is established. Like other plane trees, its leaves are borne alternately on the stem, deeply lobed, and palmate or maple-like. It usually has flaking bark, occasionally not flaking and becoming thick and rugged. Flowers and fruit are round and burr-like, borne in clusters of between 2 and 6 on a stem. Considerable variation exists among trees in the wild.

109.00 Location B6 Latitude; -38.401648583189  Longitude; 146.053238472634. This tree is an original Moss nursery specimen and is listed by the National Trust registration number T11951. View the listing here

109.01 Location C10 Latitude; -38.402308799019 Longitude; 146.055588830345. This tree is an original Moss nursery specimen, which in not in good condition. The tree has received attention from a tree surgeon.

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