Poa ensiformis



Poa ensiformis, common names, sword tussock-grass or purple-sheathed tussock-grass, is a species of tussock grass that is endemic to south eastern Australia. It is a strong dense tufted perennial, spreading outwards on underground stems. Flowering stems erect, sometimes flattened below the flowerhead.  0.3-0.5m high, stems to 1.2m high. Rough dark green leaves, mostly flat, to 5mm wide. Sheath purple. Old leaves inrolled. Erect, spreading pyramidal flowerhead to 30cm x 18cm, 3-8-flowered spikelets; lower bracts 3-veined, lower floral bract 5-veined, fine hairs on veins, webby hairs on basal tip. Green to purplish flower; October to March. Found on moist soils in mountain forests. Semi shade to full shade.

232.00 Location Many specimens form part of the Tarwin River bank restoration plantings by the West Gippsland CMA in 2009/11

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