Lindera angustifolia,



Lindera angustifolia, common name Oriental spicebush, is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub that grows to 1 -1.5m tall and wide. It is native to thickets and wooded areas on mountain slopes in China. It is perhaps best noted for its foliage which is attractive year round. Elliptic-lanceolate glossy green leaves (each to 10cm long) with silvery undersides provide quality colour during the growing season. Leaves turn showy shades of orange-yellow-red in autumn. Although autumn colour eventual fades to a tawny-beige, the leaves remain on the shrub during winter. Some of the winter leaves persist on the shrub into early spring when the greenish-yellow flowers appear. Flowers are followed by black fruits which ripen in autumn. Genus name honors Johann Linder (1676-1723), a Swedish botanist and physician. Specific epithet means narrow-leaved. Leaves are processed for aromatic oil (oil used for making soap and machine oil). Planted in 2021.

235.00 Location B2 Latitude; -38.401732000000 Longitude; 146.052005000000

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