Populus yunnanensis



Populus yunnanensis, common names Yunnan Poplar or Chinese Poplar, is native to south central China. In its native habitat it grows in mountain forests. It is a fast growing deciduous tree with a conical habit. Its bright green glossy leaves are triangular to ovate with mildly sinuate margins, up to 16cm long and 7.5cm broad. Its leaves turn yellow in autumn before they fall. It bark is grey/ brown and fissured. Its trunk may achieve a diameter of up to 60m. Its flowers are dioecious and wind pollinated.  Its male catkins are up to 20cm long and the female are up to 15cm long. Its fruit are green capsules. These contain small seeds which have fine hairs which aids their wind dispersal. The roots of this tree may sucker if damaged. The etymological root of the binomial name Populus is derived from its ancient Latin name, arbor-populi meaning ‘tree of the people’. Yunnanensis is derived from the Latin meaning ‘from Yunnan’, China.

115.00 Location B7 Latitude; -38.401593799409  Longitude; 146.053773774877. This tree was planted by Scott Prowd in 1992.

115.01 Location B7 Latitude; -38.401622000000 Longitude; 146.053645000000. This tree is a cutting of 115.00 planted in 2021.

115.02 Location B7 Latitude;  -38.401559000000 Longitude; 146.053548000000. This tree is a cutting of 115.00 planted in 2021.

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