Prunus serrulata 'Light Pink’



Prunus serrulata cultivars are derived from Japanese endemic Prunus speciosa (Oshima cherry), and are widely grown as a flowering ornamental tree, both in Japan and throughout the temperate regions of the world. Numerous cultivars have been selected, many of them with double flowers with the stamens replaced by additional petals. According to a detailed DNA study conducted by the Japanese Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute in 2014, many of the cherry blossom cultivars were derived from the complicated hybridization of wild species such as P. sargentii, P. itosakura, P. leveilleana, P. apetala, P. incisa and P. campanulata with the Oshima cherry.

122.00 Location B5 Latitude; -38.401746000000 Longitude; 146.052703000000.Planted in 1987 by Ron Stanley.

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