Quercus dentata


Quercus dentata, common names Korean, Japanese emperor oak or daimyo oak (Japanese: 柏, Korean: 떡갈나무, Chinese: 柞栎) is a species of oak native to East Asia (Japan, Korea and China). Quercus dentata is a deciduous tree growing up to 20–25 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter. Its foliage is remarkable for its size, among the largest of all oaks, consisting of a short hairy petiole, 1–1.5 cm long, and a blade 10–40 cm long and 15–30 cm broad, with a shallowly lobed margin; the form is reminiscent of an enormous pedunculate oak leaf. The leaves are often retained dead on the tree into winter. Both sides of the leaf are initially downy with the upper surface becoming smooth. The male flowers are pendulous catkins. The female flowers are sessile, growing near the tips of new shoots, producing acorns 1.2–2.3 cm long and 1.2–1.5 cm broad, in broad, bushy-scaled cups; the acorns mature in autumn.

160.00 Location B3 Latitude; -38.401647670000 Longitude; 146.051910740000

160.01 Location B3 Latitude;-38.401666000000 Longitude;  146.051898000000 Planted in 1973 Seed collected from the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.

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