Quercus palustris



Quercus palustris, common name pin oak, is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 18–22m tall, with a trunk up to 1m diameter. It has an 8–14m spread. Around the time the tree is 40 years old, it develops more rough bark with a loose, spreading canopy. This canopy is considered one of the most distinctive features of the pin oak: the upper branches point upwards, the middle branches are at right angles to the trunk, and the lower branches droop downwards. The leaves are 5–16cm long and 5–12cm broad, lobed, with five or seven lobes. Each lobe has five to seven bristle-tipped teeth. The sinuses are typically u-shaped and extremely deep cut. In fact, roughly the same amount of sinus area exists as actual leaf area. The leaf is mostly hairless, except for a very characteristic tuft of pale orange-brown down on the lower surface where each lobe vein joins the central vein. Overall autumn leaf coloration is generally bronze, though individual leaves may be red for a time, and is not considered particularly distinctive. The acorns, borne in a shallow, thin cap, are hemispherical, 10–16mm long and 9–15mm broad, green maturing pale brown. In its natural environment pin oak is a relatively short-lived, fast-growing pioneer or riparian species with a lifespan of approximately 120 years against many oaks which can live several centuries. Despite this there are many examples of pin oak that exceed this lifespan. It is naturally a wetland tree, and develops a shallow, fibrous root system, unlike many oaks, which have a strong, deep taproot when young. It is confined to acidic soils, and does not tolerate limestone or sandy soil, and grows at low altitudes from sea level up to 350m. The Latin specific epithet palustris means "of swamps".

131.00 Location D6 Latitude;  -38.402643000000 Longitude; 146.053421000000. This tree was planted by B. Auchterlonie in 1968.

131.01 Location D6 Latitude; -38.402596860000 Longitude; 146.053169080000. This tree was planted by B. Auchterlonie in 1968. This tree is cabled to prevent splitting. 

131.02 Location C9 Latitude; -38.402350471845  Longitude; 146.054957371725. This tree was planted in 1985.

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