Quercus rugosa



Quercus rugosa, common name netleaf oak, is a broad-leaved tree native to southern North America. Quercus rugosa is Latin for "wrinkled oak". In Spanish it has many common names like "encino negro" (black oak) or "encino quiebra hacha" (axe-breaking oak). Colloquially it is known as "chaparro," a word which has also passed into the lexicon as slang for a short person. Quercus rugosa is an evergreen shrub or tree. Bark is brown and scaly. Leaves are thick and leathery, rarely flat, usually cupped, up to 15 cm long, dark green on the top but
covered with a thick of reddish-brown hairs on the underside. Young leaves are also very hairy and usually red or yellow. It is widespread in Mexico, Guatemala and the southwestern United States. It grows extensively in the temperate highlands of central Mexico, particularly on hillsides and in narrow gorges. Planted in 2019. Regretfully our very young sapling has not coped well with three floods in winter/spring 2021. We hope it survives.

240.00 Location C2 Latitude; -38.402109000000  Longitude;146.051152000000

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