Sophora tetraptera



Sophora tetraptera, common name large-leaved kōwhai, grows naturally in the central east of the North Island in New Zealand. S. tetraptera has larger more widely spaced leaves than the other seven species of kōwhai. The generic name, Sophora derives from the Arabic, sophora (any tree with pea-flowers), and the specific epithet, tetraptera, comes from the Greek (four-winged) and refers to the fruits.The kowhai tree has leaves 100-220 long that have widely-spaced greyish-green leaflets 15-40mm long and with bunches of drooping yellow flowers and dry ridged and knobbly seed pods 100-280mm long containing hard yellow seeds. Juveniles and adults similar. Our tree was planted in 2004.

141.00 Location E6 Latitude; -38.403010000000 Longitude;146.053403000000

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