Stenocarpus sinuatus



Stenocarpus sinuatus, common name Australian firewheel tree, is an Australian rainforest tree in the family Proteaceae. The range of natural distribution is in various rainforest types from the Nambucca River (30° S) in New South Wales to the Atherton Tableland (17° S) in tropical Queensland. It is a medium to large tree, up to 40 m tall and 75 cm in trunk diameter. The bark is greyish brown and irregular. The base of the cylindrical trunk is flanged. Leaves 12 to 20 cm long, alternate and variable in shape, simple or pinnatifid, the leaf margins wavy. Leaf venation is clearly seen above and below the leaf. The ornamental flowers have bright red umbels in a circular formation, hence the name Firewheel Tree. Flowers form mostly between February to March. The fruit is a follicle, in a boat shape, 5 to 10 cm long. Inside are many thin seeds 12 mm long. Fruit matures from January to July.

164.00 Location C2 Latitude; -38.402032000000 Longitude;146.051012000000

164.01 Location C4 Latitude;-38.401893000000 Longitude;146.051995000000 Tree from Notman’s property in Dyalls road, planted 2022

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