Tilia × europaea



Tilia × europaea, common names, common lime or common linden, is a naturally occurring hybrid between Tilia cordata (small-leaved lime) and Tilia platyphyllos (large-leaved lime). It occurs in the wild in Europe at scattered localities wherever the two parent species are both native. It is not related to the lime fruit tree, a species of citrus. Tilia × europaea is a large deciduous tree up to 15–50 m tall with a trunk up to 2.5 m circumference. The leaves are intermediate between the parents, 6–15 cm long and 6–12 cm broad, thinly hairy below with tufts of denser hairs in the

leaf vein axils. The flowers are produced in clusters of four to ten in early summer with a leafy
yellow-green subtending bract; they are fragrant, and pollinated by bees. The fruit is a dry nut-like drupe, thin-shelled but tough and hard to crush, surface faintly ribbed.

159.00 Location B5 Latitude; -38.401618740000  Longitude; 146.052832360000  

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