Ulmus minor 'Variegata'.



The Field Elm cultivar Ulmus minor 'Variegata', known in Australasia and North America as Silver Elm, is is said to have been cultivated in France from 1772. The tree's foliage is randomly blotched and speckled with creamy white, the colour of the leaves on the same tree ranging from almost completely cream to totally green.

The old tree next to the playground is the tallest non native tree in the Park at 38.1m (25/10/2021).

150.00 Location E6 Latitude; -38.403077500000 Longitude;146.053250200000.  Planted by members of the (?Berrys Creek branch) of the CWA in August 1957. Plant donated by the Moss family nursery in Monbulk.
38.1 metres
5.05 metres
Canopy Spread NS
20.5 metres EW 19.3 metres

150.01 Location A4 Latitude; -38.401347400000 Longitude; 146.052228700000

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