Ulmus procera



Ulmus procera, common name English elm, is a tree growing to 40 m tall, crown broadly columnar, trunk extending well into the crown; suckers present. Leaves broadly ovate to broadly obovate, 4–9 cm long, undulate; upper surface dull, dark green, scabrous; apex abruptly acuminate; base oblique, cordate on one side; margins shallowly double-serrate; veins 10–13; petiole 5–10 mm long; stipules narrow triangular, ovate or obovate, 6–18 mm long. Fruit a ± flat, orbicular samara, 10–17 mm wide, broadly winged. Flowers winter–spring. This tree is an original Moss nursery specimen. It measures 34 m high and 6.35 m in circumference. (October 2021)

151.00 Location E5 Latitude; -38.403003920000 Longitude;146.053130560000

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