Hakea laurina



 Hakea laurina, common name Pincushion Hakea, is a a shrub or small tree reaching 5 m. The species forms an upright shrub with a compact, rounded head, flowering freely and evenly each year on the well-ripened wood. The simple and shapely leaves are widely spaced and wave and curl attractively. They are up to 15 cm long, thick and smooth, with rows of prominent veins. As early as December tiny new flower buds can be seen, becoming fat and pointed by autumn and covered with ornamental scales, whitened by coverings of fine hairs. Flowering starts towards the end of April, ends towards the end of August. The rounded pin-cushion flower heads are soft cardinal or cherry red, with projecting long styles, white to pale pink on aging. The bright, sturdy globular flower-heads are up to 5 cm across.

249.00 Location Many specimens form part of the Tarwin River bank restoration plantings. Planted in 2021.

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