Rubus parvifolius



Rubus parvifolius, common name native raspberry or small leaf bramble, is a species of plant in the rose family. It is a scrambling shrub native to eastern Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam) and Australia. Rubus parvifolius is a shrub up to 2 meters tall with arching branches armed with curved prickles. Young stems are finely pubescent, becoming hairless with age. The leaves are pinnate with 3 to 5 toothed leaflets. Flowers are numerous, in clumps at the end of stems, and have red or pink petals. The red fruit is 1 cm wide.

Significance to the Ganai community.
Native raspberry is known as YALABAN by the Ganai people and the fruit was eaten.

254.00 Location Many specimens grow in the Tarwin River bank restoration plantings. We did not plant these specimens, although they are welcome in the Park. The plant is spread by birds, which eat the fruit.

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