Cornus kousa var chinensis



Cornus kousa var chinensis, common name Chinese dogwood, is native to China. This variety supposedly flowers more freely and produces larger flower bracts, with leaves that are also said to be larger than the species. The validity of this variety, however, is questioned by some authorities. It has opposite, simple leaves, 4–10 cm long. The tree is extremely showy when in bloom, but what appear to be four, white petals are actually four spreading bracts below the cluster of inconspicuous yellow-green flowers. The blossoms appear in late spring, weeks after the leaves. The fruit is a globose pink to red compound berry 2–3 cm in diameter, though these berries tend to grow larger towards the end of the season and some berry clusters that do not fall from the
tree exceed 4 cm. It is edible, with a sweet and creamy flavour, and is a delicious addition to the tree's ornamental value. The fruit is sometimes used for making wine. Autumn foliage is a showy red color.

257.00 Location F9 Latitude; -38.403452000000  Longitude; 146.054901000000
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