Ulmus minor 'Sarniensis'



Ulmus minor 'Sarniensis', common name Wheatley elm, or Jersey elm is an upright,deciduous tree with a slender, conical habit. Lower branches more or less horizontal. Its flaky, grey-brown bark is more noticeable during the winter, and as the tree matures. Smooth, shiny, green leaves form and attractive crown in summer before turning golden yellow in autumn. Leaves small, rectangular to rhomboidal, mostly 3-6 cm long, 2-2.5 cm wide, smooth and slightly shiny above with large, blunt, irregular teeth, mostly with secondary teeth, hairs in vein axils on undersurface hardly visible to the naked eye; veins in 9-12 pairs. Leaf stalks about 5 mm long. Very small reddish-brown flowers appear in spring, followed by small, pale-brown winged fruits in summer.

Our tree was planted in 2019, grown from a cutting from a tree planted in the late 1800's further up the hill (outside the Park on private land) at the old Moss nursery site. There was also a cutting from this tree planted in the Benalla Botanic Gardens in April 2018.

258.00 Location A8 Latitude; -38.401282000000 Longitude;146.054634000000

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