Magnolia x brooklynensis ‘Yellow Bird’



Magnolia x brooklynensis ‘Yellow Bird’. This is a cross between Magnolia acuminata and Magnolia brooklynensis “Evamaria” developed by Doris Stone, plant breeder at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York, in 1967. This pyramidal form was selected from the  resulting seedlings for its flower colour and consistency of bloom. Flowers are yellow with a slight greenish tinge at the base of the outer tepals, and are held upright on the branches. Tepals are 7.6-8.9 cm long and about 5.1 cm wide. 'Yellow Bird' flowers earlier in the year then M. acuminata but later then the yellow-flowered 'Elizabeth', another Brooklyn Botanic Garden introduction. The flowers appear at the same time as the leaves and continue for two to three weeks. Leaves are elliptic, dark green, and glabrous. Bark is furrowed like that of M. acuminata. Introduced by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 1981.

260.00 Location B8 Latitude; -38.401448000000  Longitude; 146.054197000000

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