Magnolia x soulangeana 'Felix'



Magnolia x soulangeana 'Felix' is usually an erect tree with a short trunk and many lateral branches to the ground, often becoming broader with age. The leaves are alternate, whorled on the spur branches, broad ovate, 150 - 200mm x 70 - 100mm, dark green, turning brown in autumn. The large flower buds are enclosed in pubescent scales. Flowers goblet shaped (cyathiform), 100mm x 150mm, with six waxy obovate tepals, deep purple fading to pale pink at the apex outside as the flower ages, solitary on the ends of the short spur branches. Main flowering mid to late winter. Fruit are not seen, thought to be sterile. Trunk bark smooth grey / brown. Bred in New Zealand. Planted 2022.

261.00 Location B8 Latitude; -38.401475000000  Longitude;146.054219000000

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