Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Prima Donna'



Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Prima Donna', common name, blueberry ash pink flowering form or quandong, is a small native Australian rainforest tree noted for its red new growth and dense blue green foliage. It can grow 7-8m but rarely in cultivation and has a lignotuber at its base. The leaves are simple, (strictly compound with only one leaflet), oblong to elliptic, mostly 50–130 mm long and 10–40 mm wide on a petiole 5–20 mm long. The leaves are more or less glabrous, often turn red before falling, have regular teeth along the edges, small domatia and a prominent network of veins on both surfaces. The flowers are arranged in racemes up to 50–80 mm long, with between five and ten flowers, each on a pedicel 4–8 mm long. The five sepals are narrow triangular 5–6 mm long and about 1 mm wide. The five petals are white, sometimes pinkish, 6–7 mm long and about 2 mm wide, the tip with between seven and ten linear lobes. There are between thirteen and fifteen stamens and the style is 3–4 mm long. Flowering occurs from

October to January and the fruit is a more or less spherical, oval or elliptical blue drupe about 12 mm long. Planted in 2022

263.00 Location A3 Latitude;-38.401331000000 Longitude;146.051759000000

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