Asimina triloba



Asimina triloba, common name American Paw Paw is a large shrub or small tree growing to a height of 11 m, with trunks 20–30 cm or more in diameter. The large leaves of pawpaw trees are clustered symmetrically at the ends of the branches, giving a distinctive imbricated appearance to the tree's foliage.The leaves of the species are simple, alternate and spirally arranged, entire, deciduous, obovate-lanceolate, 25–30 cm long, 10–13 cm broad, and wedge-shaped at
the base, with an acute apex and an entire margin, with the midrib and primary veins prominent. The petioles are short and stout, with a prominent adaxial groove. Stipules are lacking. The expanding leaves are conduplicate, green, covered with rusty tomentum beneath, and hairy above; when fully grown they are smooth, dark green above, and paler beneath. When bruised, the leaves have an odour similar to a green bell pepper. In autumn, the leaves turn yellow. Pawpaw flowers are 3–5 cm across, rich red-purple or maroon when mature, with three sepals and six petals. They are borne singly on stout, hairy, axillary peduncles. The flowers are produced in early spring at the same time as or slightly before the new leaves appear, and have a faint yeasty smell. The fruit of the pawpaw is a large, yellowish-green to brown berry, 5–15 cm long and 3–8 cm broad, weighing from 20–510 g, containing several brown or black seeds 15–25 mm in diameter embedded in the soft, edible fruit pulp. The conspicuous fruits begin developing after the plants flower; they are initially green, maturing to yellow or brown. Both our paw paws were planted in 2022.

264.00 Location A4 Latitude; -38.401321000000  Longitude;146.052131000000

264.01 Location B5 Latitude; -38.401702000000  Longitude;146.052946000000

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