Westringia fruticosa



Westringia fruticosa, common name coastal rosemary, is a small shrub to 2 m
high and 5 m across, often forming a regular dome with its lower branches covering
the ground. Growth is naturally stiff and bushy but responds to garden treatment by growing much taller.
Foliage is a dark, even green, and a covering of short hairs on the young tip growth and leaf undersides gives a silvery tint. Leaves are up to 2 centimetres long, narrow and pointed and set closely in whorls around the stem. Westringias are in the mint family (Lamiaceae).The name 'Rosemary' refers to the appearance of the plant only, as the leaves have not the familiar
aroma, though a light scent has been noticed in the flowers in one location.
The flowers are 2 centimetres across set round the stems in the axils of the leaves. In shape they resemble other flowers of the mint family. They are from white to palest mauve with reddish and yellow brown spots near the throat. Though the shrub is never smothered in flowers, they are conspicuous against the dark foliage and are seen most months of the year except in extreme heat or cold.
In November they are abundant. https://www.anbg.gov.au/gnp/gn...

264.00 Location C11 Latitude; -38.402284000000 Longitude;146.056086000000

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